Give yourself the gift of your life !
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My vision is based on true values which are peace, love, harmony, respect, help each other, share and integrity, focusing on unicity.

These values are reflected in all activities.

Points of interest :

Amira’s cave is a resourcement for the body, soul and spirit.

Kronos is a multidimensional portal, access to internal enlightened cities and extras.

Kronos open the human’s crystal heart.

I was asked to accompany the visitors to Kronos to assist them while they are lying down on Kronos stone, in touching them with my hands and transferring energy from 9th dimension.

  • Tepee of Eternal Youth.
  • Edéroide stone will give you a tool to accomplish your mission.
  • Cape of Abundance.
  • Cape of Ascension.
  • Etc.

This enlightenment site is related to different civilizations. It’s located above an internal enlightened city. There are other connections to enlightened cities and to extras as well.

Come and Enjoy !

The visitors will get whatever they need, wherever they are in their evolution, beginners as well as initiated persons. Each of us is unique.

Examples :
  • Gifts manifestation
  • Gifts reinforcement
  • Mission revelation
  • Teaching
  • New awareness
  • General well-being

Update: 2013 november

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